Custom Homes

Specialists In Creative and Efficient
Northwest Craftsman Dwellings.

aqcBuilders is a recognized specialist in Northwest Craftsman style dwellings. But aqcBuilders goes beyond cookie cutter building styles by truly listening to you and becoming intimately familiar with exactly what you want in and from your new home. Many custom homes projects reach successful completion, very few get there with the homeowner feeling like they really played an integrated role in the design and finish. By listening to you and responding promptly and professionally, aqcBuilders delivers the home you always dreamed of.

One of the serious challenges faced by folks interested in building a home is receiving honest estimates and advice up front, where it matters most. Many Fly-by-nights have a reputation for “add-ons” that form a series of unwelcome financial surprises as the project progresses. This is at best the result of inexperience and it underlines the need to Know Your Contractor Before You Agree To Proceed. This is the most important decision you’ll make in your homebuilding adventure.

aqcBuilders believes in strategic communication throughout the homebuilding process. Talk to us about your initial plans and ideas. We will develop a “ballpark” estimate for the project. If you desire an exact price, then a feasibility study will be performed. This can cost you anywhere from $300 to $4,000 depending on the size of the job. This investment in your project is your guarantee that you’ll be looking at reality based pricing, not a so-called “estimate”, designed to wow you with an unrealistically low price. Let’s face it, once the project’s begun, you’ll be compelled to complete it properly and with the wrong contractor that can cost you dearly.