aqc Builders – Remodeling – Stevenson, WA

The most important choice of all is the one you’ll live with for a long, long time.

In many ways, remodeling an existing structure can be more challenging than building a brand new home on a fresh piece of ground. One must carefully analyze the existing structure and visualize the proposed changes, taking into consideration optimal use of space, integration of existing structural elements and how best to create flow patterns that are easy to live with and make sense. The goal at aqcBuilders is to produce a finished product that looks as if it were originally crafted that way.

That can be more difficult than it might sound, for one thing experienced remodelers know is that structures often hold secrets, and some are not what you, the homeowner, or the company involved might expect. PAL-201-9-9-10Pat Price has been around remodeling and new construction projects all his life, so he not only sees more than the average contractor when he assesses your home, he’ll be less surprised by what they find during the demolition phase. This experience can be worth its weight in gold to you, minimizing your risk of unforeseen costs. And once the project’s begun, it’s too late to do anything but finish it. That’s why it’s so important to begin with the right contractor, one you can trust, and one with the experience to guide your remodel to an exciting and beautiful conclusion. On budget, and on time. That’s the aqcBuilders way.

So if you’re contemplating a remodel of your home, know that you will have many choices and decisions along the way. Just make sure the biggest and one of the earliest decisions of all, your choice of contractors, is one you’ll be glad you made all the way down the line.